Online Booking Conditions

  • Deposit:  ( updated 5/12/2021 )
    A $500 deposit per boat is needed to secure most bookings. A $1000 deposit is required on hires $3000 or more.
    The balance is due 4 weeks before the hire except for hires Christmas school holiday, the balance is required before 15th November. 
  • Special conditions –  If a cancellation is made on any paid in full hires, the full amount will be refunded if and when another hire is rebooked for at least the original value and is also paid in full. If only part of the hire is rebooked, you will receive the amount of that booking.
  • Any hire including a long weekend will be priced as a 3 night “long weekend” plus extra nights listed in the weeknights table.
  • Deposit Policy:
    • Deposits paid on hires 6 weeks or more in advance are fully refundable within 7 days of booking. An admin fee of $25 applies if canceled.
    • Deposits are transferable to alternate dates if 4 weeks notice is given before the date of the original hire.
    • 3 transfers allowed within 2 years before the loss of deposit.
    • Transfers may be allowed with less than 4 weeks notice if the hire is rebooked.
    • Cancellations are allowed with more than 6 weeks notice. A cancellation fee of $250.00 applies. The full amount of your deposit will be refunded if another hire is rebooked for the same original value. If only part of the hire is rebooked, the difference in the hire prices will be deducted from your refund up to $250.00.
    • Cancellations of less than 6 weeks incur up to 100% cancellation fee. The fee will be reduced by the amount received if the hire or part of the hire is rebooked.
    • At our discretion, we may allow a transfer outside these guidelines under certain circumstances.
  • Security Bond:
  • *Whilst on hire, in general, we require a security bond of $1000.00 for the duration of your holiday.
    You may choose this to be done with a credit card authorization or you can pay a cash bond.
    All bonds include $150 for cleaning if the boat is not returned with basic housekeeping done.
    If you choose to do a cash bond, this will be deposited in our bank account (for your and our security).
    It will be returned less any fees applicable to a bank account of your choice, generally within 7 days. No Cash will be returned.
    Your hire fee includes insurance for damage or loss for amounts above the insurance excess.
    *Age restrictions – see below       *All male or all female groups – see below
  • Payment:
    Cash or Credit Cards accepted: Visa or  Mastercard all 1% fee and Amex (2.5% fee), Eftpos Debit cards ( 0 fee ).
    Direct deposit is preferred.
    Cheques will be accepted 4 weeks before your hire.
  • Insurance:
    All boats are fully insured under a marine policy. In the case of an accident or loss where you are at fault, you are responsible to cover up to the insurance excess and also to pay for any loss of business (where a deposit has already been taken) as a result of that damage.
  • Hire Times:
    All Hires are counted on nights not days. Hires commences with boarding at 1 pm first day and terminates at 1 pm on the last day.
    (except Sundays and Public holiday Mondays which are a 4pm return)
    We will do our best to get you underway as soon as possible depending on the circumstances of the day.
    Hires can be any number of nights up to 10 nights. One night hires are charged the same as 2 nights.
  •  Ideally, please arrive at the marina at least 3 and a half hours before the official sunset time. This is due to insufficient light to pack your houseboat, receive the briefing and navigate the river and reach the first available anchorage. If you arrive later than this time you can stay on your houseboat at the marina and leave the next morning. The houseboat must be pulling away from the marina 2+ hours before sunset.
  • Earlier start times may be available at no extra cost if the houseboat. Please call after 4pm on the day before your hire is you want to start earlier.
  • Hires can be up to 10 nights but cannot contain two Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights.
  • The Letting:
    The letting is made on the understanding that the boat is placed at the disposal of the hirer on the date booked unless the management is prevented from doing so by mechanical breakdown or unforeseen circumstances. In this case, all monies paid will be refunded in full. However, the hirer shall have no claim on any account against the management.
    Hire of 3 nights or more
    If the problem can be rectified within 24 hrs of your hire start time, you will stay on the houseboat at the jetty, if this is not feasible, the management will arrange and pay for alternative accommodation (local motel) and you will start your hire the following day.
    The cost of the hire will also be reduced by one day.
    Hire of 2 nights
    Any money paid will be fully refunded or we can agree on other terms at the time.
  • Motoring Charge:
    A fee of $28 per motoring hour applies to cover the cost of fuel, servicing and replacing motors. (most average 2 hrs a day motoring). We could incorporate this into the cost of the hire but this is a fairer, user-pays system.
  • Age and gender: (updated 09/02/18)
    Mixed male and female groups.
    At least 1 person per group must be over the age of 25. This can waver at the management’s discretion but an additional $2000 bond may be required. Return hirers whom we accept again will have a $1000.00 bond. These tougher conditions are a result of recent experiences and unfortunately, the minority of badly behaved groups spoil it for everyone.
  • Unless you are couples, or Father and Son, Mother and daughter, etc…. All male or all female groups are not accepted unless you are all over 50 years old. Please call as there may be exceptions. 
    If you arrive and you are an all-male or all-female group under ’50s, without our written (emailed) permission, you will not be allowed to take the hire and you will lose any money paid. If we do allow the hire, a bond of $500 per person will be required. (minimum $3000 per boat)
  • If pre-arranged and everyone on board is under 50 then the bond is $3000.00. (Except for Families with under 12-year-olds onboard, the bond is $1000.00)
  • Pets:
    Sorry, no pets allowed. The lakes are protected by the National Park’s laws.
  • No firearms allowed on board.
  • Restrictions:
    You have full access to the Myall Lakes (over 3 times the size of Sydney Harbour).
    No access south of Tamboy. ( river that joins the lakes and Tea Gardens )
    No Access to wharves or jetties.
  • At times, the National Park may be closed due to extreme conditions like bushfire threat. The waterways remain open and you may have limited access to the land. Usually, Myall Shores Holiday Park may also remain open so you have access to extra supplies and coffee-shop, etc.
  • The Myall River is subject to flooding in extreme weather events.  If we are unable to fulfill the hire because of flood, your hire will be transferred to another time within 3 years. Choose a date later that suits you. The hire cost will be calculated at the time you book in the new dates and needs to be at least the value of any monies paid. Since 2008 we have experienced about 5 floods that prevented us from putting out hires. Usually it only lasts a few days.
  • We can’t control the weather and in strong winds, for your safety, you may be required to stay at the marina, here in Bulahdelah on the first night. No compensation is available as this is a safety requirement. While out on the lakes, we will advise you where the boat should be to get shelter from the wind. On your day of return, if winds are unfavorable to navigate the river safely, (over 30kts) we will arrange for you to be picked up at Nerong or Myall Shores by car and bring the boat back to the marina when it is safe to do so, at our cost.