Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t have any experience with boats will I still be able to take the houseboat?
A: Yes you will, we will give you instruction and stay with you until you are comfortable about taking the houseboat controls on your own and we are comfortable with leaving it with you

Q: Do I need a boat license?
A: No License Required.

Q: Where do I leave my car?
A: The marina has a large carpark which is under constant CC video surveillance. It is not a locked carpark but there has never been an issue with the security in the past. There is room for campervans and boat trailers as well. No extra charge for parking.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Food, drinks, bath towels, toiletries. For personal belongings we suggest, hats, camera, fishing gear and don’t forget a few favorite cassettes, CD’s, DVDs and movies on disc or memory stick. (There is no TV reception) Please remember space is limited onboard try to pack everything in soft bags.

Q: What linen is provided?
A.. The 45′ houseboats have 3 double beds made with sheets, doona and pillows. One other double and 2 singles are made up of the lounge areas. You need to bring sheets if using those beds. The doonas and pillows in cases are provided for 10 people.

The 33′ houseboats have 1 double bed made with sheets, doona and pillows. The other double and 2 singles are made up from the lounge and dining area. You need to bring sheets if using those beds. The doonas and pillows in cases are provided for 6 people.

Q: Where can I buy groceries?
A: There is an IGA store in Bulahdelah, as well as a butcher and baker. Alternatively, we can shop and have your boat stocked for you for an extra $80.00 plus items.

Q: Where can we buy extra supplies once we are on the lake system?
A: There are two stores on the lake. One is at Myall Shores (Legges Camp) and another store is available at Bungwahl which is at the top end of the lake system. Both stores have basic supplies such as milk and bread. Bungwahl sells both food and alcohol and offers a delivery service to the lakeside for orders over $100. Manuals provided onboard have telephone numbers of both stores.

Q: Can we drink the freshwater supplied with the boat?
A: Yes you can. It is our town’s water.

Q: How big is the fridge?
A: The fridge is 12vt run by the solar panels and battery power. We replaced the old gas fridges that used to struggle on hot days. Photos can be found on the “45′ Houseboat” and “33′ Houseboat” pages. The boats also have 1 or 2 large eskies. The power supply will not cope with an extra portable fridge. Please bring your own power supply if you are bringing an extra fridge.

Q: Is there fresh water on board?
A: You have more than 2000ltrs of freshwater on our 45 ft and more than 1000ltrs on the 33ft houseboats. The water is for the kitchen and shower. The toilet draws water from outside. All wastewater is stored in tanks in the bilge and pumped out after your return.

Q: What facilities are there onboard?
A: Onboard you will find a well-equipped galley with sink, gas stove with 3 burners, oven and grill, crockery, cutlery and tea towels are also supplied.  We supply washing up, cleaning gear and toilet paper.

There is a toilet and hot shower. Comfortable outdoor furniture, a stainless steel BBQ and a quality sound system with a CD player. The boats also have a DVD player and screen but no TV reception.

Q: Can I use a hairdryer on board?
A: Only 12 volt, or under 150wt and even then it would use a lot of battery power.
Appliances that are rated at under 150wt often have a startup boost of much more which the inverter cannot supply.

Q: Is there a microwave?
A: No, but we do have a stainless steel, hooded gas BBQ.

Q: What is the reception like for mobile phones?
A: There is very good reception, only a few small “black spots”.

Q. Are pets allowed on the houseboat?
A. As we operate in a National Park we are not permitted to allow pets on the houseboats.

Q: Do you have the facility to charge my mobile phone?
A: Yes we do have a 12-volt d.c. socket and USB sockets for mobile phones. Also, an inverter is offered on your arrival
so you can use your home mobile phone or computer charger.

Q: Is the lake freshwater?
A: Yes, it’s fresh to brackish, surrounded by National Parks with numerous sandy beaches.

Q: Is it safe to swim?
A: Yes it is safe to swim. There are no sharks or crocodiles, or other stingers you get in saltwater.

Q: Is the Myall Lake tidal?
A: No. There is no need to worry overnight or if you leave your houseboat for a long period, there will still be the same amount of water under it when you get back as when you left it. No chance of getting stranded “when the tide goes out”.

Q: What fish are in the lake?
A: Bream, mullet, flathead, bass, blackfish and maybe the odd eel.

Q: Do I need a fishing license?
A: You will need a license unless you are under 18 or Retired with a valid “Centrelink” Concession Card.
Follow this link to purchase your license online.

Q: What is the best bait?
A: Prawns.

Q: How fast does the boat go?
A: Maximum speed is between 5 & 7 knots.

Q: Do the boats have eskies?
A: Yes, the 33ft has one large freestanding esky and on the 45ft there are 2 large (110 lt) eskies.

Q: Do you sell ice at the marina?
A: Yes, we sell block ice and party ice.

Q: Can I bring my speedboat and tie it to the houseboat?
A: Yes you can, in which case you may want to leave our dinghy behind. Please provide your own tow rope. You can also bring a small outboard to put on the dinghy, up to 5hp.